Car Snow Shovels

Shirley Mclean
40 min readMar 18, 2024



Who doesn’t love the fresh, crisp air and peaceful quiet of a snowy day? But, let’s face it, snow can be a hassle, especially when it comes to cleaning your car! Fear not, we’ve compiled a list of the top Car Snow Shovels to make your life a little easier. From sturdy to lightweight, these shovels will help melt away the headaches that winter brings.

The Top 33 Best Car Snow Shovels

  1. Bigfoot Roller Snow Shovel — Effortless Snow Clearing with 21" Blade — Remove snow faster and better with the Bigfoot 21" Roller Snow Shovel featuring a durable poly construction, lightweight design, and extra-large D-grip, all making it perfect for snow clearing!
  2. Portable 3-Piece Aluminum Car Snow Shovel — Be prepared for unpredictable weather with the Lifeline First Aid Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel — a lightweight, durable, and adjustable shovel that can be easily stored and used in various situations.
  3. Car Snow Brush and Shovel Kit for Efficient Cleaning — Experience hassle-free snow removal with the MoNiBloom Car Snow Shovel and Brush Kit, a versatile 4-in-1 tool suitable for various surfaces.
  4. Compact Telescoping Car Shovel & Snow Brush with Durable ABS Blade and Comfort Grip Handle — Experience hassle-free snow cleanup with the robust Garant 11 x 31.5 in. ABS Telescoping Car Shovel & Snow Brush, perfect for winter car care.
  5. Efficient 3-in-1 Ice Scraper, Snow Shovel, and Wiper Cleaner for Car Safety — Clean and safe driving this winter with Michelin’s MC6986 3-in-1 snow cleaner, ice scraper, and wiper cleaner — all in one versatile product!
  6. Lightweight Adjustable Utility Shovel for Outdoor Adventures — The Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel — Orange is a versatile and lightweight option for outdoor enthusiasts, adjustable in length and easy to pack for any adventure!
  7. Portable Emergency Collapsible Shovel by Michelin — Michelin’s Ultra-Compact Telescopic Folding Snow Shovel: A durable, corrosion-resistant shovel perfect for tackling heavy snow and ice, featuring an extra-long, collapsible handle for effortless storage and portability.
  8. Anodized Red Demos Collapsible Shovel for Outdoor Activities — The Stealth XL shovel is a versatile and strong snow shovel, perfect for off-road, emergency, and outdoor activities, and boasts an anodized black finish for added durability.
  9. Essential Car Winter Safety Kit with Snow Shovel and Booster Cables — Stay prepared during winter with Goodyear’s Winter Safety Kit, featuring essentials like booster cables, snow shovel, and free roadside assistance for all your emergencies.
  10. Compact Telescoping Car Shovel with Foldable Handle — Snow be gone with ease; telescope, fold, and tackle with Suncast’s compact, comfy, and buttoned-up telescoping car shovel!
  11. High-Quality 18-Inch Poly Snow Shovel for Easy Removal — Efficiently clear snow with the Suncast 18-inch Poly Snow Shovel, featuring an angled rib pattern for superior removal, a durable, wide handle for a comfortable grip, and convenient poly-coated design for increased durability.
  12. Compact, Ergonomic Car Snow Shovel — A heavy-duty and ergonomic car snow shovel from UMUACCAN, perfect for quick and efficient snow removal in various settings.
  13. Collapsible Car Shovel for Lightweight and Efficient Snow Removal — The Bigfoot Collapsible Car Trunk Shovel by EMSCO Group is a lightweight, durable snow shovel with an extendable aluminum handle and polyethylene scoop, perfect for quickly clearing snow and storing in tight spaces.
  14. Shovelution: The Eco-Friendly, ERGONOMIC Snow Shovel for Easy Winter Clearing — Experience the ultimate in snow clearing technology with the Snow Joe Shovelution, the innovative, strain-reducing snow shovel that shovels smarter, not harder, reducing your risk of injury and back strain.
  15. Portable Utility Shovel for Snow and Outdoor Use — The UMUACCAN Snow Shovel is a versatile, detachable shovel suitable for various snow removal emergencies and outdoor activities, with high-quality materials and efficient performance.
  16. Car-Friendly Snow Shovel for Convenient Cleanup — Autocraft Extender Snow Shovel: The 37" extended reach and convenient storage make it the perfect choice for car snow removal.
  17. Suncast Telescoping Auto Car Shovel — Portable and Lightweight Snow Removal — The Suncast Telescoping Auto Shovel offers a durable, non-stick graphite blade and a stylish grey blade for hassle-free car snow removal, with a lightweight and easy-to-handle design.
  18. Large Portable Aluminum Snow Shovel for Driveway and Car — The Meititi 47-inch Large Portable Snow Shovel is a versatile, comfortable, and durable option for efficient driveway snow removal, perfect for cars and various outdoor activities.
  19. Portable Telescopic Snow Shovel for Outdoor Emergencies — MQUMSA’s Portable Telescopic Aluminum Utility Car Adjustable Extended Edition Snow Shovel features lightweight and high-quality construction, making it a perfect addition to your outdoor and emergency supplies for maximum convenience.
  20. Emergency Car Snow Shovel for Kids — Keep kids and your car safe with Winnipeg Winner’s durable, ergonomic, and versatile snow shovel, featuring a powder-coated steel shaft and a premium Canadian resin blade.
  21. Efficient Car Snow Shovel with 6-Inch Wheels and Adjustable Handle — Efficiently clear snow paths up to 26 inches in width with CASL Brands’ heavy-duty rolling 26-inch snow pusher, featuring an adjustable handle for comfort and 6-inch polypropylene wheels for seamless maneuverability.
  22. Rugg Arctic Plow Telescopic Snow Shovel for Cars — The Rugg Arctic Plow telescopic snow shovel, featuring a 27–35 inch handle and made of durable polyester, efficiently clears snow and ice from your vehicle with ease.
  23. Michelin Folding 40" Utility Shovel for Emergency Snow Removal — The Michelin Ultra Compact 40" Telescopic Folding Utility Shovel, 4 Pk is a versatile and corrosion-resistant emergency shovel that is perfect for any outdoor adventure, offering a durable and collapsible design for easy storage.
  24. Portable 5-in-1 Snow Shovel Kit for Car Emergencies — Keep your car clear and safe this winter with the Mibor 5-in-1 foldable Snow Shovel Kit, featuring a lightweight aluminum handle, ergonomic grip, and 5 essential snow removal tools!
  25. Lightweight Telescopic Aluminum Car Snow Shovel — Stay prepared with the lightweight, multifunctional KAMINUO Portable Telescopic Aluminum Car Adjustable Extended Edition Snow Shovel, offering fast and easy snow removal for your vehicle.
  26. Ultimate Collapsible Snow Shovel for All-Season Use — The DMOS Alpha 4 Snow Shovel is a lightweight, versatile, and incredibly durable option for those looking to efficiently clear their driveways and sidewalks, all while maintaining an ergonomic design that’s designed for all heights.
  27. Portable Car Snow Shovel — Perfect Winter Companion — The True Temper Telescoping Poly Car Snow Shovel — ABTTCS is a convenient, easy-to-store winter essential, perfect for emergency snow removal on the go and as a thoughtful gift for car-owners.
  28. Portable Auto Emergency Snow Shovel for Small & Compact Storage — Prepare for winter emergencies with the Hopkins 17211 Auto Emergency Snow Shovel — a compact and easy-to-use tool for snow removal in your vehicle or around the house.
  29. Collapsible and Portable Snow Shovel with Durable Design — The ORIENTOOLS Collapsible Folding Snow Shovel offers a convenient and durable solution for quick and easy snow shoveling, along with a sturdy D-Grip handle and an aluminum edge that meets PAHs safety standards.
  30. Compact, Durable Car Snow Shovel — The Rugg Lite-Wate 26PL-S Snow Shovel offers top-notch comfort and efficiency, with its lightweight aluminum handle and large d-grip poly combo blade, ensuring all your winter snow removal needs are covered.
  31. Multi-Purpose Snow Cleaner Kit for Cars — Stay snow-free with Zento Deals’ versatile car snow cleaner kit, featuring a 3-in-1 brush, ice scraper, and durable design for efficient winter car maintenance!
  32. CARTMAN Portable Double-Handle Snow Shovel for Driveway Car Home Garage — Efficiently shovel snow with the Cartman Snow Shovel, featuring an ergonomic handle, sharp blade, and versatile multi-purpose design for all-season use.
  33. Ergonomic Steel Core Snow Shovel and Pusher Combo — Effectively remove heavy snow with minimal back strain using the ergonomic Suncast SC3250 Shovel & Pusher, featuring a ribbed steel core shaft and reliable galvanized blade protection.

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🔗Bigfoot Roller Snow Shovel — Effortless Snow Clearing with 21" Blade


This winter, I have been using the Bigfoot Poly Pusher Snow Shovel to clear my driveway and it has been more efficient than I ever expected. The wide 21-inch blade is perfect for tackling even the largest snow mounds, and the roller design effortlessly pushes the snow aside with minimal strain. The durable poly construction of the blade feels lightweight yet robust, making it effective in frigid temperatures and suitable for any surface.

Not only is the Poly Pusher practical and reliable, but the large D-grip handle also provides great control and comfort while using it. I found that it’s ideal for both residential and commercial use and can tackle either fluffy or packed snow with ease. Although it may be slightly more expensive than some other snow shovels, the enhanced efficiency and durability it offers make it a worthwhile investment.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this Bigfoot Poly Pusher Snow Shovel for anyone looking to make their snow removal process quicker and less backbreaking.

🔗Portable 3-Piece Aluminum Car Snow Shovel


The Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel, a versatile and portable addition to your car, is like having a superhero in your back pocket. Weighing just 1.3 pounds, this sturdy shovel easily fits in the glove compartment of your car or SUV, ready to tackle any snowy emergency at a moment’s notice.

This 3-piece collapsible design is a game-changer, allowing you to assemble or disassemble it quickly for storage or use. It can adjust from 21 inches to 26 inches to 32 inches, giving you the perfect leverage each time you need it. With a lightweight aluminum handle, it can be stored neatly in tight spaces or used comfortably by people of different heights.

But when the snow does fall, there’s no need to worry about getting stuck. Just pull this baby out and use the strong aluminum blade to dig your way out. The colorful powder coating ensures that it stays vibrant, even after many winter storms.

In a matter of a few days, the shovel was put to the test, and it performed splendidly. The aluminum construction held strong, digging our car out of a snowbank without a flinch. While it might not be the longest shovel in the world, its lightweight and collapsible design make it perfect for emergency situations, where every inch counts.

The only downside to this shovel might be its size — it is short and, while its adjustability helps compensate, it’s not ideal for shoveling large areas. Still, it’s a powerful and portable tool, perfect for any car owner looking to be prepared for winter’s unexpected challenges.

In conclusion, the Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel is a must-have for anyone looking to brave the harsh weather conditions. With its lightweight design, adjustable length, and sturdy aluminum construction, you can be sure to have a reliable partner when the snow inevitably falls.

🔗Car Snow Brush and Shovel Kit for Efficient Cleaning


I recently tried out the MoNiBloom Car Snow Shovel and Brush Kit and I must say, it has been a game-changer for my winter drives. With 4 functions in one tool, it ensures quick and efficient snow removal from my windshield. The telescopic handle is user-friendly, although I did notice that there’s often a delay when switching between the snow shovel and ice scraper.

The aluminum construction of the shovel paired with the soft foam handle makes it easy to handle, even with gloves on. However, there were times when the sturdy aluminum strip edge became a bit difficult to handle when dealing with thick layers of ice. Overall, this comprehensive snow removal kit has been a handy addition to my winter car essentials kit.

🔗Compact Telescoping Car Shovel & Snow Brush with Durable ABS Blade and Comfort Grip Handle


This winter, I got the Garant 11 x 31.5 in. ABS Telescoping Car Shovel & Snow Brush, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer.

I’ve been using it in a snowy parking lot near my apartment, and it’s been amazing in keeping my car clean without causing any scratches. With a telescoping handle, it’s so easy to store it in the trunk or under a seat without taking up too much space. The ABS plastic material and sturdy steel handle make it strong and durable for any winter situation.

One of the best features of this shovel is that it’s scratch-free, making it perfect for all car types. It’s been a lifesaver this winter, and I highly recommend it for anyone who needs a reliable and convenient car shovel and snow brush.

🔗Efficient 3-in-1 Ice Scraper, Snow Shovel, and Wiper Cleaner for Car Safety


The Michelin MC6986 3-in-1 Ice Scraper, Snow Shovel, and Wiper Cleaner is a versatile tool that I found incredibly useful during the winter months. It’s designed to make your life easier by giving you a single product to handle all your vehicle cleaning needs.

The product’s most notable feature was its ergonomic design. The comfortable handle made it easy to grip and maneuver the tool, even when my hands were cold. The soft sponge coating provided a good grip, preventing the product from slipping and causing accidents.

One of the things I loved about this product was its efficiency. The 25cm long shaft and flexible structure made it easy to reach tight spaces and clean large areas quickly. The 10cm wide scraping edge with ice teeth was powerful and did an excellent job breaking through even the hardest ice.

However, there were a couple of downsides to this product. Though the locking mechanism allowed me to use the snow shovel and ice scraper separately, I often found myself struggling to detach the two parts. Additionally, the snow shovel was quite small, so it took a while to clear large areas of snow buildup.

Overall, the Michelin MC6986 3-in-1 Ice Scraper, Snow Shovel, and Wiper Cleaner proved to be a valuable addition to my winter toolkit. While there were a few minor drawbacks, the convenience and efficiency of this product made it a worthwhile investment.

🔗Lightweight Adjustable Utility Shovel for Outdoor Adventures


As an avid outdoors enthusiast, I’ve relied on the Lifeline Adjustable Utility Shovel — the orange one, of course — for all my winter adventures. The first thing that struck me was its high-quality aluminum construction. It just felt sturdy and ready to conquer anything that came its way.

The adjustable length from 25 inches to 32 inches was another game-changer for me. I could always find the perfect fit for any situation, from digging a small hole to clearing a large pathway. Plus, it broke down into 3 pieces, making it incredibly easy to pack and store away when not in use.

Weighing in at a mere 1.3 pounds, this shovel was a total lifesaver on the trail. I carried it with me during my snowmobiling trips, and it never weighed me down. Yet, despite its lightweight nature, it never compromised on durability.

Of course, there were a few cons to consider. Firstly, it took a bit of getting used to the fact that it was made for children or for moving tiny amounts of snow. But once I accepted that, it was a non-issue. The price was also a bit steep compared to other options. Still, considering its high-quality construction and long-lasting nature, I felt the price was justified.

Overall, the Lifeline Adjustable Utility Shovel — the orange one, of course — has become an essential tool in my outdoor gear. Its sturdy construction, adjustable length, and packable design make it a must-have for any winter adventurer.

🔗Portable Emergency Collapsible Shovel by Michelin


Imagine finding yourself confronted with a snowstorm in your car, needing to clear a path or your windshield. That’s where the Michelin Ultra-Compact Telescopic Folding Snow Shovel comes in handy. It’s a small yet powerful companion, engineered to withstand heavy snow and stubborn ice.

One of the standout features of this shovel is its collapsible design. It can effortlessly fold up to a compact size and slide into your backpack, glove compartment, or trunk. Yet, when you need it, it extends up to 40 inches for optimal reach. The extra-long handle is securely locked and has a comfortable D-grip, making it perfect for those unexpected snow encounters.

The shovel is built with corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum for durability and strength. A user manual is included to guide you through the shovel operation and ensure you’re using it safely and efficiently. However, it is not designed for heavy-duty tasks like prying or lifting heavy loads, making it an ideal choice for emergency situations.

As with any product, there are pros and cons. For this Michelin Ultra-Compact Telescopic Folding Snow Shovel, it does have a minor flaw — the plastic sleeve on the folding joint can be tricky to adjust and might not last for a long period. Despite that, this shovel remains a reliable and handy tool for emergencies. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or someone who often deals with unexpected snow conditions, this Michelin shovel is worth considering.

🔗Anodized Red Demos Collapsible Shovel for Outdoor Activities


It’s a bit chilly up north, and let me tell you, this Stealth XL Shovel has been a game-changer. The anodized black coating not only makes it look fabulous, but it’s also made to withstand the toughest of conditions. And speaking of conditions, I recently found myself stuck on a sandy road during a rainstorm. One of those times when I wished I had a good, strong shovel. Enter the Stealth XL.

It’s impressive how versatile this foldable shovel is, doubling as an easy-to-mount shovel, and a rake for clearing debris. The telescoping feature is a lifesaver, fitting nicely into my vehicle and even my backpack. The heavy-duty construction also means it can handle any size of sand or snow. It’s been the unsung hero in my recent outdoor adventures. It’s not the cheapest shovel you’ll find, but trust me, you won’t find a better one.

🔗Essential Car Winter Safety Kit with Snow Shovel and Booster Cables


I’ve been using the Goodyear Winter Safety Kit in my daily life, and it’s been a lifesaver. As a resident of an area that experiences harsh winters, this kit has become an essential part of my car’s emergency supplies. The kit comes with an emergency shovel, snow brush, and ice scraper that are perfect for getting out of sticky situations on the road.

One of the things I appreciate the most is the booster cables. Many times, I’ve had to help friends and family members whose car batteries died in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully, the Goodyear kit has saved the day several times, allowing me to lend a helping hand whenever someone needed a jump start.

The kit also includes a blanket and flashlight, which have come in handy during unexpected weather conditions or when driving at night. Unfortunately, I did find the flashlight quite small, and I believe a larger one would be more suitable for the situation.

In conclusion, this winter safety kit from Goodyear has been a godsend in my daily life, providing me with the essential tools needed during our harsh winters. While there are a few minor drawbacks, such as the small flashlight, the overall experience has been very positive, and I highly recommend this kit to anyone looking to be better prepared in winter emergencies.

🔗Compact Telescoping Car Shovel with Foldable Handle


I recently got to try out the Suncast Telescoping Car Shovel, and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations! The handle may be small, but it really fits perfectly in my car’s trunk. I love that it can be expanded with the simple push of a button when I need it. It even comes with a comfortable D-Grip handle that feels great to hold, even when my hands get cold and frosty.

One interesting thing I found was the shovel’s graphite construction, which seems to have kept snow from sticking to it even during a heavy snowfall. This meant less time spent trying to get rid of the pesky stuff! And speaking of snow, the Suncast Car Shovel easily managed all the snow around my car without any hiccups.

However, there was one thing I noticed. While the company advertised a shovel size of 13 inches, the actual size seemed a bit smaller. To be honest, I’d have preferred a slightly larger shovel for more heavy-duty tasks. But overall, this was a great shovel for when I needed to quickly clear a spot near my car.

🔗High-Quality 18-Inch Poly Snow Shovel for Easy Removal


Imagine being caught in a sudden snowstorm and needing a reliable snow shovel to quickly clear the walkway. That’s where the 18" Poly Snow Shovel from Suncast comes in handy. This little hero is perfect for those unexpected winter storms, providing just the right amount of effort to move snow without causing strain on your back.

The design is ideal for a child’s or elderly person’s grip, making it easier for them to shovel without causing discomfort. The plastic shovel cuts through the snow effortlessly, with a wide 18x13-inch blade. This shovel is also lightweight, allowing anyone to use it with ease.

However, one must caution that the handle is somewhat flimsy, so it may not withstand heavy or large snow removal projects. Also, it’s not suitable for those hectic winter storms when multiple layers of heavy, wet snow layered on top of each other need to be removed quickly.

But overall, the Suncast 18" Poly Snow Shovel is a great choice for those casual, light snow situations. It’s reliable, easy to handle, and most importantly, fun for those who enjoy the simple pleasures of shoveling snow!

🔗Compact, Ergonomic Car Snow Shovel


Living in a cold climate means snow shovels are a necessity. Recently, I’ve been using the UMUACCAN Snow Shovel, and let me tell you, it’s an absolute game-changer. The shovel head is a whopping 13 inches long by 11 inches wide, allowing me to clear more snow with less bending — a true lifesaver for an old guy like me.

The aluminum handle is both strong and lightweight, preventing fatigue during those long shoveling sessions. The foam grip in the middle provides extra comfort and prevents slipping. Plus, it’s so ergonomic with that D-shaped handle; it fits right in my hand like a glove.

And here’s the kicker — this thing adjusts to three different lengths, allowing for optimal leverage depending on the task at hand. The fact that it’s versatile enough for folks of all ages is just the icing on the cake.

Now, this shovel packs up neatly, thanks to its detachable design, and it’s so compact that it fits neatly into any trunk, garage, or toolbox without taking up too much space. In short, the UMUACCAN Snow Shovel makes winter a whole lot easier to handle. It’s a snow-removal must-have for every household in the colder regions. Highly recommended!

🔗Collapsible Car Shovel for Lightweight and Efficient Snow Removal


I have been using the Bigfoot Collapsible Car Trunk Shovel by EMSCO Group this winter season, and I have to say, it’s been a lifesaver. The lightweight aluminum handle extends up to 36 inches, making it the perfect size for any car trunk. Not only does it come in handy for snow removal, but its scoop can also be utilized for shoveling other types of loose materials like soil, potting mix, and sand.

One of the things I appreciate most about this shovel is how easy it is to break down and stow away in your car. The fast pin locking mechanism means I can collapse it into a small package without worrying about it accidentally springing open and causing damage. The polyethylene scoop is tough and durable, effectively removing snow without causing unnecessary wear and tear on itself.

However, there are a few things I wish were slightly different. The handle extendability seems a bit limited compared to other full-sized shovels I’ve used, and I feel like it could reach a bit further. Additionally, the scoop is quite narrow, which may have made it more challenging to dig out my car during those heavy snowstorms where pile-ups were a bit higher. But overall, this Bigfoot Collapsible Trunk Shovel has been an essential addition to my car this winter season.

🔗Shovelution: The Eco-Friendly, ERGONOMIC Snow Shovel for Easy Winter Clearing


This winter, I tried out Snow Joe’s Shovelution, a spring-assisted handle snow shovel designed to reduce strain while shoveling snow. And I must say, it made a noticeable difference! The ergonomic design reduced the need to bend over, while the efficient mechanism using powerful muscles to lift and throw snow with less effort.

One of the notable features of the Shovelution is its patented dual-handle spring-loaded system, which greatly reduced the strain on my back. The spring-assist handle acted as a fulcrum, allowing for a more comfortable and efficient shoveling experience. The 18-inch blade made removing snow a breeze, and I could easily shift from pushing to throwing the snow with a simple wrist movement.

However, there was a downside to the Shovelution — its lightweight build. While it was great for reducing strain, the material seemed durable but felt like it wouldn’t be the best for long-term use or heavy-duty situations like breaking through ice. Another downside was the difficulty in putting the shovel together. The pieces didn’t always fit together smoothly, leading to some frustration during the assembly process.

But overall, the Shovelution was a great addition to my winter arsenal. It made shoveling snow a much more enjoyable and less physically demanding experience. I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to minimize the strain and effort involved in removing snow from their driveway or sidewalks. Just be mindful of its lightweight build and the potential issues with assembly.

🔗Portable Utility Shovel for Snow and Outdoor Use


I’ve been using the UMUACCAN snow shovel for a while now, and it’s become my go-to tool for quick and efficient snow removal. The detachable design is a game-changer — it’s so easy to assemble and disassemble that it barely takes up any space in my car’s trunk for those unexpected snow emergencies.

The high-quality materials used in this shovel are a standout feature. It’s made of low-temperature-resistant materials, perfect for those cold environments where other shovels might fail. It’s been an absolute lifesaver for clearing my driveway during those brutal winter storms.

The large capacity and lightweight design are another plus. I can shovel a good amount of snow at once, increasing my efficiency and getting my driveway cleared faster. Plus, its lightweight nature makes it easy for kids and seniors to use without any issues.

One of the best things about this shovel is its versatility. It’s not just for snow removal — it’s great for guiding soil, mud, sand, or even grain. It’s become my go-to tool for camping trips, beach days, and even gardening duties.

Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with the UMUACCAN snow shovel. It’s a reliable, high-quality tool that’s been a lifesaver for me during those winter months. Highly recommended!

🔗Car-Friendly Snow Shovel for Convenient Cleanup


I’ve had the chance to use the Autocraft Extender Snow Shovel for a few weeks, and I must say, it’s been quite an experience. The 37-inch length of this shovel is the perfect size for clearing snow, and I love how it folds down when not in use, making it easy to store.

One of the things that stood out to me the most is its portability. I’ve taken this shovel with me on several road trips, and it’s been incredibly helpful when dealing with snow on my car or on the sidewalks at my destination.

However, there’s been a downside to this shovel. Despite its compactness, it seems to lack the durability some of its users expected. I’ve heard from a few friends that their shovels broke within the first few minutes of use. Unfortunately, I haven’t personally experienced this issue, but I can’t deny there’s a pattern here.

Despite this, I still consider the Autocraft Extender Snow Shovel a valuable tool to have in my car during the winter months. Its ability to extend and fold is unmatched, making it a great choice for those who need to deal with snow on the go. And as long as you treat it with care, you should have no issue with its performance.

🔗Suncast Telescoping Auto Car Shovel — Portable and Lightweight Snow Removal


The Suncast Telescoping Auto Shovel has been a game-changer in my daily life. It’s a compact and versatile tool that can easily fit in my car trunk, ready to tackle any snowy situation that comes my way. The telescoping handle makes it an easy-to-use and convenient option while the sturdy poly coated ribbed steel core shaft ensures I can rely on it for heavy-duty shoveling.

However, there have been minor setbacks with this product. Its lightweight build also comes with a trade-off, as I feel it’s not always stable enough when handling heavy snow piles. Moreover, I’ve noticed that the handle sometimes feels flimsy.

Despite these little hiccups, overall, I’ve been pretty satisfied with my experience using the Suncast Telescoping Auto Shovel. It’s proven to be a reliable tool that I can always have at hand when I need it the most.

🔗Large Portable Aluminum Snow Shovel for Driveway and Car


Imagine tackling a snow-covered driveway with ease, thanks to the Meititi Large Portable Snow Shovel. Its adjustable design lets you quickly assemble and disassemble it in a matter of minutes for easy storage and portability. But this little shovel packs a big punch — its D-shaped grip not only feels comfortable in your hand but also protects it from frostbite. You’ll love how the non-slip sponge cushions reduce any discomfort, and the durable aluminum handle is strong enough to handle even the heaviest loads.

The wear-resistant aluminum strips on the blade make it more robust than ordinary plastic shovels, ensuring it’s built to last. The large capacity snow shovel increases the area for efficient snow removal, helping you get the job done faster. Plus, the multi-purpose design is perfect for clearing snow from cars, driveways, and even camping sites.

Setting up the Meititi snow shovel is a breeze, with a straightforward installation process that ensures a perfect fit. The choice between this Meititi shovel and others is easy, thanks to its durability, ergonomic design, and large capacity. So don’t let a little snow stand in your way; grab the Meititi Large Portable Snow Shovel and conquer the elements with ease!

🔗Portable Telescopic Snow Shovel for Outdoor Emergencies


I’ve been using the MQUMSA Portable Telescopic Aluminum Utility Car Adjustable Extended Edition Snow Shovel in my daily life, and it’s been a game-changer for me. This handy gadget is perfect for those impromptu snow shoveling needs, and it’s lightweight enough to carry around in my car or even in my backpack for outdoor adventures.

One of the standout features of this snow shovel is its telescopic design, which allows me to adjust the length of the handle depending on my needs. It’s also made of aluminum alloy, giving it a sleek finish and making it durable, despite its lightweight construction.

The shovel head is large enough for most snow removal tasks, but the size is still manageable for individuals who might face difficulty in handling larger tools. When not in use, I can quickly disassemble it into three pieces for easy storage.

However, I did notice that the adjustable handle doesn’t lock into place, which can be a minor inconvenience when shoveling heavy snow. Overall, the MQUMSA Portable Telescopic Aluminum Utility Car Adjustable Extended Edition Snow Shovel has become an indispensable tool in my winter arsenal, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable, portable snow shovel.

🔗Emergency Car Snow Shovel for Kids


Imagine coming face-to-face with a snowy driveway on a chilly winter morning and, instead of dreading the task, your kids excitedly grab their trusty Winnipeg Winner snow shovels. The ergonomic handle not only offers comfort to your little ones’ hands but also ensures they can tackle the snow with ease. This Canadian-made shovel boasts a powder-coated steel shaft that’s built to last, while the premium resin blade is perfect for the toughest snow conditions.

So next time the car is buried under a heavy snowfall, you’ll be glad to have the Winnipeg Winner at your disposal — it’s more than just a snow shovel; it’s a reliable tool for your family’s winter adventures.

🔗Efficient Car Snow Shovel with 6-Inch Wheels and Adjustable Handle


I recently discovered CASL Brands’ Heavy-Duty Rolling 26-inch Snow Pusher and found it incredibly helpful in managing snowfall. The shovel’s concave design allowed me to clear a wide path with just one pass, saving a lot of time and effort. Its dimensions are impressive at 26 inches wide and 4 inches tall, which makes it perfect for swiftly clearing a path for walking.

One thing that stood out to me was the adjustable height of the handle, ranging from 47 inches to 51 inches, ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic position for users of different heights. Another plus was the soft padding covering the handle; it not only felt comfortable in my hands but also added a touch of warmth during cold winter days.

The 6-inch polypropylene wheels were sturdy and had excellent gripping capabilities, which contributed to the ease of use and turning ability. However, I did encounter an issue with some screws that required hammering, which seemed excessive and potentially a hazardous solution.

Overall, the Heavy-Duty Rolling Snow Pusher from CASL Brands offers a convenient, time-saving alternative to traditional snow shovels. Its durable wheels, adjustable handle, and easy to use design were fantastic, but I encountered a few minor drawbacks that could be improved upon.

🔗Rugg Arctic Plow Telescopic Snow Shovel for Cars


I recently gave the Rugg Arctic Plow a try for clearing snow from my car. This extendable trunk shovel truly proved to be a game-changer during the winter months. Being able to adjust the handle length made it a breeze to store in my truck and use when needed.

One of the key features that stood out to me was the versatility of this shovel. It’s perfect for clearing snow from under my car or pushing the snow away. Made of durable plastic and polyester materials, I found it to be quite strong and reliable.

However, there were a couple of downsides. I noticed that the shovel can be quite heavy when fully extended, making it a bit challenging to carry for long periods. Moreover, the color blue might not be the most appealing choice for everyone, but it does stand out if you’re looking for it in a parking lot full of snow.

Overall, the Rugg Arctic Plow trunk shovel is an effective and practical tool for anyone who needs to clear snow from their vehicle. The extendable design and sturdy construction make it a reliable choice for the winter season. Just be prepared to handle the weight when fully extended and keep an eye out for the blue color!

🔗Michelin Folding 40" Utility Shovel for Emergency Snow Removal


Slipping into my glove box, this Michelin Ultra Compact 40" Telescopic Folding Utility Shovel has become an indispensable tool during those unexpected snowy days. It’s amazing how such a small shovel, measuring just 2.3 in width and 40 in length, can handle those heavy loads of snow so efficiently. I love how it folds up, making storage a breeze, and its lightweight structure ensures it’s easy to carry around.

The shovel’s telescopic shaft with a lock mechanism ensures that it remains stable while in use. This sturdy construction not only adds to its durability but also makes it a breeze to manipulate. However, the plastic sleeve over the metal bar connecting the folding joint can be a bit hard to adjust. But then again, it’s not intended to handle heavy loads or pry things apart.

What’s more, the scoop is built to last, crafted from corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum. Despite its compact size, it’s surprisingly effective in clearing snow and ice, and its edge is slightly sharp, which is great for scraping ice off pavements.

That being said, the locking mechanism also adds to the shovel’s convenience. It’s designed to lock securely into place, ensuring the shovel remains steady even when you’re scooping out a pile of snow. It unlocks just as easily, making it a breeze to fold it up and store away.

All in all, I’m really impressed by this Michelin Ultra Compact Telescopic Folding Utility Shovel. It’s compact, sturdy, and efficient. And despite its small size, it’s mighty effective when it comes to handling those heavy loads of snow. It’s a great little shovel that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, especially for those who drive often and need a reliable tool to help them navigate those snowy days.

🔗Portable 5-in-1 Snow Shovel Kit for Car Emergencies


I tried out the Mibor 5-in-1 Foldable Car Snow Shovel Kit this past winter, and it truly comes in handy for snowy emergencies. This multi-tool includes a snow shovel, snow brush, ice scraper, glove, and mini ice scraper, all collapsible for portability.

The first thing I noticed was the lightweight aluminum alloy handle that seems sturdy and resistant to rust. The ergonomic D-shaped handle was comfortable to grip, and using it with gloves felt natural. The large ergonomic grip also makes it comfortable to hold for extended periods.

One of the standout features was the ice scraper with its non-scratchy jaws, which was quick at breaking through the ice surface. To break up thick ice and snow, the snow brush and its angled-switching rotary brush worked wonders.

The collapsible shovel was as capable as any classic snow shovel, effortlessly tossing scoop after scoop of snow. The glove made it easy to wear while using the mini ice scraper, which came in handy for those stubborn icy spots.

In terms of the cons, I found the package dimensions to be a little too big for the space-conscious, and I wish the shovel could be a bit thinner to avoid hitting the ground.

Overall, the Mibor 5-in-1 Foldable Car Snow Shovel Kit is a handy and versatile tool for anyone who needs to deal with snowy situations, whether at home or on the road.

🔗Lightweight Telescopic Aluminum Car Snow Shovel


As a winter lover and outdoor enthusiast, I’ve had my fair share of snow shoveling experiences. KAMINUO’s Portable Colorful Telescopic Aluminum Car Adjustable Extended Edition Snow Shovel has definitely made my life easier during these chilly months. With its lightweight yet sturdy Aluminum construction, I easily cleared snow from around our vehicle without feeling overly burdened.

The telescopic feature allowed me to extend and contract the shovel’s length depending on my needs — perfect for petite drives or larger parking spots. Its dimensions made storage a breeze, especially with its disassemble-able three-piece construction. I could always store it neatly in the trunk of my car, ready to handle any surprise snowfall.

However, its compact size did come with a slight tradeoff in the shovel’s power. Although not the biggest beast, it still handled the majority of my shoveling tasks efficiently. Overall, despite its slight weaknesses, KAMINUO’s Portable Telescopic Aluminum Car Adjustable Extended Edition Snow Shovel was a reliable and effective tool when faced with the winter’s elements.

🔗Ultimate Collapsible Snow Shovel for All-Season Use


For years, shoveling snow has been an inevitable hassle during wintertime. But with DMOS’s Alpha 4 Snow Shovel, clearing the snow from your driveway or sidewalk just got easy. Made of high-strength aluminum, this shovel is built to last and provides optimal performance in all snow conditions, from deep and wet to hard-packed ice. Its unique design allows it to act as both a pusher and a scoop, making quick work of even the thickest snow layers.

One of the standout features of the Alpha 4 Snow Shovel is its ergonomic handle. Measuring 65 inches when fully extended and 39 inches when collapsed, it caters to users of all heights, allowing them to maintain a comfortable, back-friendly stance while shoveling. The handle also features a one-touch button that allows for quick length adjustments.

But the Alpha 4 Snow Shovel is not just about performance — it’s also built to last. Its T6–6061 aircraft aluminum construction is so robust that it can withstand 12,800 pounds of force on the blade and 1,000 pounds of force on the handle. The shovel’s versatility is also impressive: it excels at breaking up hard-packed ice and moving large volumes of snow with ease, making it a valuable tool for removing snow from driveways, walkways, and decks.

While the Alpha 4 Snow Shovel has received glowing reviews for its durability, versatility, and ease of use, some users have noted a few minor drawbacks. Some found the shovel to be quite heavy, while others wished for a wider pusher blade for better coverage when clearing driveways. Overall, however, the Alpha 4 Snow Shovel has proven itself to be a reliable and effective tool for tackling even the most challenging winter snow removal tasks.

🔗Portable Car Snow Shovel — Perfect Winter Companion


Last winter, I found myself stuck in a snowstorm with my friends. We had to dig our way out of a pile of snow to get our cars moving again. That’s when I discovered the True Temper Telescoping Poly Car Snow Shovel, my new winter buddy. Its compact size makes it an ideal companion for my car trunk or SUV storage, easily accessible when I need it most.

The telescoping handle makes it easy to adjust its length, perfect for a person of any height. Although it’s lightweight, it’s sturdy enough to handle the heavy load of snow. The poly material is durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring it’s a reliable tool during the harshest winter weather. It’s small enough to fit in the trunks of our cars, making it a handy emergency tool to have around.

However, one downside is that it might not be suitable for clearing large areas of snow quickly. But for its size and purpose, it does an impressive job. I highly recommend this shovel as a valuable addition to any vehicle, especially for those who frequently travel during the winter months. It’s a great gift idea too, as it can equip all vehicles with one, ensuring everyone is prepared for any snowy situations that may arise.

🔗Portable Auto Emergency Snow Shovel for Small & Compact Storage


I remember the first snowfall of the season, and I was caught off-guard, as it seemed to happen so much earlier this year. I decided to take a trip to the store to grab some essentials, and that’s when I spotted the Hopkins Auto Emergency Shovel. I figured it would be a handy tool to have in the trunk of my car for the unpredictable winter weather.

This shovel quickly became a lifesaver during heavy snowfall days. The extendable handle would easily store in my trunk without taking up too much space. It was perfect for those quick shoveling jobs where a full-sized shovel would be too much. With the 9.5-inch wide blade, removing snow from underneath tire wells was effortless. The large scoop and adjustable handle made it ideal for those smaller tasks around the house.

One feature that stood out was the D-shaped handle and soft grip, which provided comfort while using the shovel. I also appreciated the one-year warranty on materials and workmanship. However, there were a few drawbacks I noticed. The twist lock at the handle felt a bit loose, causing it to twist when pressure was applied, which was not ideal for shoveling. Additionally, the plastic blade struggled with heavy, wet snow, which could be inconvenient at times.

In conclusion, the Hopkins Auto Emergency Shovel was a handy tool to have on those unpredictable winter days. Its compact size made it perfect for storing in the trunk of my car, and it excelled in smaller shoveling tasks. While there were a few drawbacks, the benefits outweighed them, and I would recommend this shovel to anyone looking for a reliable and compact emergency snow tool.

🔗Collapsible and Portable Snow Shovel with Durable Design


I recently had to clear my driveway of a heavy snowfall and I was delighted to have the Orientools Collapsible Folding Snow Shovel by my side. This little guy made a big difference! The folding and lightweight design allowed me to effortlessly carry it around and even store it in my car just in case. I appreciated the large handle that provided excellent sturdy grip, helping me work more efficiently. The best part was that I could expand and close the shovel simply by twisting the lock section — super convenient!

As I was shoveling, it was reassuring to know that the Orientools meets the PAHs standard for product safety. However, the handle could have been designed with a more comfortable grip in mind. But overall, I had a great experience using this Collapsible Snow Shovel on a winter’s day, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a portable, efficient, and safe solution for snow removal.

🔗Compact, Durable Car Snow Shovel


I’ve recently been using the Rugg Lite-Wate Snow Shovel, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for me. The first thing that caught my attention was the Lite-Wate 1.25-inch OD aluminum handle. It provides a sturdy and comfortable grip, making the shoveling process effortless.

The large D-grip 18-inch poly combo blade is another feature that stands out. It efficiently scoops up even the heaviest snowfall without breaking a sweat. The foam grip on the handle is a thoughtful addition, adding an extra layer of comfort to the already ergonomic design.

Now, when it comes to the product’s build quality, it’s no surprise that it’s made in the USA. The high-quality materials used in its construction mean that this snow shovel will withstand harsh weather conditions and numerous uses without showing any signs of wear.

One of my favorite things about this shovel is that it’s lightweight, weighing in at around 2.9 lbs when assembled. This makes it incredibly easy to handle and move around, which is crucial during those relentless snowstorms.

Overall, the Rugg Lite-Wate 26PL-S Snow Shovel has been a pleasure to use, and I’m excited to recommend it to others looking for a reliable, efficient, and comfortable snow shovel.

🔗Multi-Purpose Snow Cleaner Kit for Cars


In my experience, the Zento Deals Snow Shovel Kit has proven to be a reliable and efficient solution for those living in snowy areas. The 3-in-1 design with a brush kit and ice scraper allows for versatility, making it perfect for handling various outdoor tasks such as sweeping snow off cars and clearing heavy snow from walkways. The unique emergency collapsible feature makes it easy to store and carry around.

One of the standout features is the shovel head, designed for strength and durability. It’s perfect for tackling the toughest of storms while ensuring a proper fit onto the handle for improved grip and leverage. The long bristles of the brush are excellent for efficiently removing snow, proving to be a lifesaver in areas with heavy snowfall. Additionally, the wiper notches are a thoughtful addition, ensuring safe driving by clearing ice from wipers.

However, the product is not without its flaws. Some users have reported issues with the shovel head’s poor molding and improper fitting onto the handle, leading to a less-than-ideal user experience. Despite these cons, the overall product seems to offer a good balance of pros and cons, making it a worthwhile consideration for those who require a versatile and durable snow removal tool.

🔗CARTMAN Portable Double-Handle Snow Shovel for Driveway Car Home Garage


The Cartman snow shovel has become my trusty sidekick during the winter months. The sharp, efficient blade of the shovel has made all my snow-removal tasks much simpler and quicker.

One of the standout features for me is the ergonomic design of the handle; it wraps comfortably around my palm, eliminating any strain as I shovel the driveway or snow off my car. The two handles provide an extra level of control, making the labor-saving aspect of this shovel a true game-changer. However, the only downside I’ve noticed is the occasional slip on the foam grips when they get wet.

Overall, the Cartman snow shovel is a reliable and convenient tool for tackling snow and keeping outdoor spaces clear.

🔗Ergonomic Steel Core Snow Shovel and Pusher Combo


Imagine a snowy winter day and you’re faced with the dreadful task of shoveling snow, not just at your home, but maybe at your neighbor’s house too. Now, imagine having a tool that makes this job a whole lot easier, without strain on your back and without feeling like you’re dealing with something that could break at the first sign of heavy usage. Suncast’s SC3250 18 in. Snow Shovel & Pusher is that magical tool.

I remember the first time I used it. It almost felt like an ergonomic miracle! The angled rib pattern on the blade, which can resist snow-stick and makes snow removal efficient, combined with the ribbed steel core shaft that protects the blade’s integrity, provided me with the strength and stability needed. And let’s not forget the Comfort D-grip handle that adds so much grip and control, it’s like holding a friend’s hand in the midst of a snowstorm.

However, the joy of using this tool doesn’t come cheap. I wish I could say it was priced comparably to my local hardware store’s version. Nonetheless, I stand behind my decision of using this shovel because it’s just that good for my back and posture. It’s a tool that deserves the extra pennies. The satisfaction of not having to bend over so far, the ease of handling even the heaviest of snow, these are perks I’ve come to cherish with this product.

If there’s a downside, it’s the price. But let’s not forget, you pay for the quality and this shovel certainly delivers. It might not shove snow as effortlessly as its sibling, the pusher, but it still gives a good enough push when I need it most, without feeling the need to strain.

In conclusion, the Suncast SC3250 18 in. Snow Shovel & Pusher is an investment worth making for those who value their health and are tired of battling heavy snow in the most traditional way possible. It does its job with an added bonus of ensuring your back is spared, all in one sturdy, efficient package.

Buyer’s Guide

Winter weather can be challenging, especially when it comes to clearing snow from your car. Car snow shovels are designed to make this task easier and more efficient. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the important features to consider when purchasing a car snow shovel and provide general advice for using and maintaining these tools. This way, you can choose the right shovel for your needs and keep your vehicle snow-free during the winter season.



The materials used to make a car snow shovel play a vital role in its durability, weight, and overall performance. Common materials include aluminum, plastic, and steel. Aluminum shovels are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making them an excellent choice for harsh winter conditions. Plastic shovels are lightweight and easy to use but may not be as durable as metal ones. Steel shovels are strong and sturdy, but they can be heavy and might require more effort to use.


Portability is crucial when it comes to car snow shovels, as you’ll likely need to carry the shovel with you in your vehicle. Look for models with a compact and lightweight design, fold-able handles, and a secure locking mechanism to make storage and transportation easier. A comfortable handle design will also help reduce fatigue during extended use.



The length of a car snow shovel can affect its reach and maneuverability. Shorter shovels are generally more portable and easier to store, but they might require more effort to clear large areas of snow. Longer shovels can reach further and cover more ground, but they may be more difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. Consider the size of your vehicle and the amount of snow you need to clear when selecting a shovel with the right length.

Additional Features

Some car snow shovels come with additional features that can enhance their performance or functionality. For example, some models may have a built-in scraper or brush to help clear ice and frost from your car’s windows. Other features to look for include a blade guard for protection during storage and a non-slip base to keep the shovel stable on the ground. Weigh the importance of these features and decide which ones suit your needs best.



What is a car snow shovel?

A car snow shovel, also known as a car scraper or snow brush, is a tool designed specifically for clearing snow and ice from the exterior surfaces of a car. These shovels come in various sizes and shapes, and they often include features such as bristles, blades, and handles that make the job of removing snow and ice easier and more efficient.

There are two main types of car snow shovels: one-piece, which consists of a single, solid piece of material, and two-piece, which is made up of a separate handle and blade. One-piece shovels generally offer better durability, while two-piece shovels are more versatile and easier to store in a car’s trunk.


What materials are car snow shovels typically made of?

Car snow shovels are typically made from materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, and rubber. These materials have been chosen for their durability, lightweight, and flexibility, which make them ideal for removing snow and ice from cars without causing damage to the car’s finish or the shovel itself.

Steel and aluminum are popular choices for the blades of car snow shovels due to their strength and durability. Plastic and rubber are commonly used for the handles, as they provide a comfortable grip and help to prevent the user from slipping or losing their grip on the shovel when it’s covered in snow and ice.

What features should I look for when choosing a car snow shovel?

When selecting a car snow shovel, there are several features to consider that will help ensure you choose the best product for your needs. These may include the size and shape of the blade, the type of handle (one-piece or two-piece), the material it’s made from, and any additional features it may have, such as a scraper edge or storage hook.

Look for a shovel with a blade that’s large enough to effectively remove snow and ice from your car’s exterior surfaces, but not so large that it becomes difficult to maneuver or store. A strong, durable handle is also important, as it will be subjected to frequent use and potential exposure to harsh weather conditions.


How do I use a car snow shovel?

Using a car snow shovel is generally a straightforward process. First, make sure to clear any large clumps of snow or ice from the car’s exterior surfaces using a separate tool, such as a snow brush or scraper. Then, gently apply even pressure to the shovel’s blade, working from the top to the bottom of the car’s exterior.

It’s essential to avoid applying excessive force, as this could damage the car’s finish or cause the shovel to slip or become unstable. For best results, use long, smooth strokes, and be sure to clean off the blade frequently to prevent the buildup of snow and ice. Some car snow shovels also come with a scraper edge, which can be useful for removing stubborn ice from windshields and other areas.

Can I use a car snow shovel on my car’s windows?

Car snow shovels are primarily designed for removing snow and ice from the exterior surfaces of a car, including the body, hood, and trunk. While it’s generally safe to use a car snow shovel on the car’s windows, it’s essential to exercise caution and take care not to damage the glass or the car’s finish.

If you plan to use a car snow shovel on your car’s windows, make sure to choose a shovel with a gentle, flexible blade that won’t scratch or chip the glass. It’s also important to avoid applying excessive force, as this could cause the glass to break or crack. Instead, use long, smooth strokes and clean off the blade frequently to prevent the buildup of snow and ice.

How should I clean and maintain my car snow shovel?

To ensure your car snow shovel remains in good working order and continues to effectively remove snow and ice from your car’s exterior surfaces, it’s essential to clean and maintain the tool on a regular basis. This may involve wiping down the blade with a damp cloth to remove any residual snow and ice, as well as occasionally applying a coat of lubricant to the hinges and moving parts to keep them functioning smoothly.

For best results, store your car snow shovel in a dry, protected area away from extreme temperatures when it’s not in use. This will help to prevent rust and corrosion, as well as prolong the life of the shovel’s blade and handle. Be sure to inspect the shovel regularly for signs of wear and tear, and replace it if necessary to ensure you always have a reliable and effective tool for clearing snow and ice from your car.

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